STEELMASTER Dual Counterfeit Bill Detector and Counterfeit ID Detector (200SM)

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Why take a chance on accepting large counterfeit bills? Detect counterfeit bills quickly. Just swipe the bill; the detector will beep if the bill is counterfeit. No training or operator knowledge needed. Two UV bulbs allow users to visually check for security thread on currency. The STEELMASTER 200SM Dual Counterfeit Detector can also be used to verify ID and credit cards, checks, credit cards, driver’s licenses, passports, social security cards, and many other forms of identification. STEELMASTER products are designed to stand up to daily use. Protect your valuables with STEELMASTER.

  • Verify ID, credit cards, passports and social security cards
  • No training or operator knowledge required
  • Simply swipe bill — counterfeit bills will beep
  • Additional detection with conventional UV light with two UV bulbs to verify the UV security thread

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