Stainless Steel Flask, 7 Oz. – C85522

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The 7 oz  Stainless Steel Hip flask is a great flask for outdoor usage. It is the perfect size to to keep hidden but still contain enough of your favorite alcoholic drinks in order to have a good time. Take it with you from the mountains to the oceans. Also makes a great gift for men, women, moms and dads, as long as they’re over 21. These sturdy flasks can also be used for other functions as well, such as a container to hold various liquids and even as an ice pack.

  • 7 oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask
  • Brushed finish with hinged screw on top.
  • Great for outdoors usage.
  • Great for your favorite alcoholic beverages or as an ice pack!
  • Flask size is a perfect 5″ x 3.7″

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