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  • Indoor Garden Kit – Looking for fresh peppers for added spice in your homemade recipes? Our Hot Pepper Seeds for Planting contain four types of organic pepper seeds. All heirloom plant seeds are 100% non-GMO. This seed starting kit includes four packets of Habanero seeds, Cayenne Pepper, Anaheim chili peppers, and Jalapeno seeds for planting. Our indoor pepper growing kit is great for your DIY garden.
  • Pepper Plant Garden Starter Kit – Get four variants of hot pepper seeds in our seed starting kit. The hot pepper seeds are perfect for indoor gardening. Cultivate quality heirloom peppers from scratch. Our Hot pepper seeds for planting lets you grow four types of authentic peppers in the comfort of your home. Pick fresh chili peppers from your DIY garden hot pepper kit for your spicy meals–no need to go to the groceries!
  • Indoor Herb Garden Kits and Seed Starting Kit – Been wanting to create a DIY garden, but you’re clueless on what to do? This plant grow kit contains 4 types of spicy pepper seeds including habanero seeds, steel scissors, planter box, 4 fabric grow bags with drain holes, 4 bamboo plant markers, 4 soil discs, and an instruction manual. Our indoor grow kit’s compact size lets you grow Anaheim pepper and chili seeds for planting while giving your seeds the best possible environment for germination.
  • Spicy Pepper Seeds Plant Grow Kit – Your new seed growing kit with chili pepper seeds boasts a unique design. The gift box can be used as a planter to hold all four grow bags during germination period. The planter box’s design is perfect for indoor gardening. The chili seeds for planting are all heirloom quality to ensure more bountiful yields. Don’t worry, this garden starter kit with jalapeno pepper is very easy to set up and maintain.
  • Perfect Garden Seeds – Got any friends with green thumbs or loved ones who wants to explore the lush world of indoor gardening? Give them our indoor vegetable garden starter kit and let them plant and cultivate Anaheim pepper seeds and Cheyenne pepper seeds in the comfort of their home. Each DIY Garden plant grow kit comes in an elegant gift box. Novice and adept gardeners will surely love our hot pepper kit for planting-it’s also a unique and functional gift for pepper lovers!

Once you’ve grown accustomed with spicy meals, prepare to satisfy your cravings for recipes with a hint of zing. With the right kind of peppers, you can turn bland dishes into meals with a swirl of flavor and spice. Why not create a garden for your favorite peppers inside your home or a few steps outside your door? It may sound hard and complicated—until you have the right indoor garden kit.

Here at Blue Garden Collective, we aspire to provide you with everything you might need for your gardening. Infuse your meals with fresh and quality chili peppers from your garden. Grow the seeds yourself and have an abundant supply, thanks to our indoor pepper growing kit!


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