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Hip Exercise Resistance Bands Set: 3 Thick Fabric Thigh Bands for Leg and Butt Work Out – Womens Loop Band Pack with Sweatbands, Ankle Strap, Gym Bag – Booty, Stretch, and Strength Training Equipment

  • ✅FITNESS RESISTANCE LOOP BANDS SET: Work out in the convenience of your home with a 5-pack exercise resistance loop bands kit in different resistance levels, to suit your fitness goals. It is designed for your efficient crossfit, yoga, pilates workout
  • ✅INCREASE MOBILITY, STABILITY & STRENGTH: It is an elastic resistance band set for all activity levels and body types. Flexible, comfortable and easy to use, our stretch straps boost your muscle stamina and flexibility preventing the risks of injury
  • ✅GET THE BEST QUALITY YOU DESERVED: Manufactured from premium materials, our resistance workout bands set is sturdier than ever! With a higher load bearing than most similar products available, it is an ergonomically designed for heavy daily use
  • ✅INVALUABLE FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY & REHAB: Get well sooner with the ultimate SAFE resistance workout bands! Great for targeting multiple muscle groups with consistent stretching regime, they will enhance your rehab schedule
  • ✅AN EASILY CARRIED TRAVEL KIT! It is a Travel-Friendly hip workout band set in a compact CARRYING CASE, to be carried everywhere. Lightweight and easily portable, this mobile activation band kit will easily fit in your backpack

Have your day to day workouts stopped building the right kind of pump? Not feeling challenged doing regular squats or lunges? Try adding Smirly resistance bands to your gym regimen! This 3 pack of non-slip resistance loops will add just the right amount of resistance to make your muscles burn. Each band set also comes with an ankle strap, sweat bands, gym bag, and a training booklet with helpful suggestions.

It’s time to make gains with this set of 3 pink resistance hip bands. Each band offers a different level of resistance so you can start with low resistance and work your way up to high. They’re perfect for beginners looking to start hitting the gym or for veteran gym rats looking to amp up their workouts. They’re made using non-slip gripping material so you can squat and stretch without them rolling or sliding. Perform squats, side lunges, kettlebell swings, and more when using them!

Looking to mix and match a machine workout with a core workout? Smirly also provides you with a black ankle anchor strap that can be used with cable machines to do a wide range of exercises including kickbacks, hip abductions, lunges, and more. Do a total body workout that’s low or high impact depending on your fitness goals.

Working out also means getting sweaty. Keep dry with our included wrist sweatbands that work to keep you dry while you work up a sweat. Made from black cotton, these wristbands are super absorbent and gentle against your skin. They’re also great cushioning for your wrists when using lifting gloves or other gym equipment that wraps around your wrists.

Keep your workout equipment organized with this convenient drawstring sackpack. This pale pink bag holds the hip bands, ankle strap, and sweat bands so you can keep your equipment at home or take it with you to the gym. Pack up your bag and grab the helpful training booklet and get fit today!

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