Set of 7 – Booty Resistance Workout Bands & Mini Loops Exercise Butt Belts

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  • BOOTY RESISTANCE BANDS: Fitness Booty Bands are made exclusively for the purpose to tone, build, sculpt Perfect Brazilian Butt Lift and strengthen the glute muscles. It helps to not only tone your muscles and get a perky, lifted, firm butt, it also helps in converting the fats into the muscles. The bands provide the right amount of resistance required to target the muscles to sculpt and lift your booty so NO BULKY THIGHS. So get your Perfect Brazilian Booty Look.
  • MINI LOOP RESISTANCE BANDS: Fitness resistance bands are ideal for various kinds of exercise, which includes Yoga, Stretching, Pilates, Fat burning, Home Workout, Warm-up, and fitness. The bands can be used to tone various body parts, which includes Hips, shoulder, buttocks, arms, legs, ankles and back. The 12” x 2” loop bands give you variety of resistance levels, so you can choose the right one based on your current physical training stage.
  • LONG TERM DURABILITY | SOFT AND COMFORT | FREE FROM SMELL | Our booty resistance bands and the mini loop bands are made with precision and have been tested and approved by the professionals. This ensures our bands are super resistant, safe, gentle, easy on skin, and free from defects so you can focus on your exercise without fear or injury. These bands are highly durable and provide the same resistance after a dozen reps.
  • EXERCISE GUIDE | CARRY BAG | Our comprehensive pocket step by step exercise guide includes dozens of illustrated exercises which makes it really simple to use the exercise band correctly, so as to ensure its safe and effective use. The pocket guide also provides exercise tips and the necessary precautions, which are required for its use. The carry bags make it very much easy to carry all of exercise bands to the gym, hotel or any other place. So you will NO LONGER BE RESTRICTED by busy schedule

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