Set of 2 – Wood Sawhorses 2000 lb capacity each SafeTHorse – Made in the USA!

Set of 2 – Wood Sawhorses 2000 lb capacity each SafeTHorse – Made in the USA!

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This lot is for 2 Sawhorses

Introducing the uniquely designed SafeTHorse, a precision cut, contractor’s grade sawhorse.
The SafeTHorse is manufactured with CNC milling machines under the direction of our quality control department in compliance with safety regulations.

Using only a screwdriver, each SafeTHorse assembles in just 3 MINUTES, as opposed to the half day contractors typically spend building sawhorses from scratch. Constructed with 100%, all natural wood, our sawhorses weigh less than 20 lbs. for easy on-site transportation. Once the job is finished, you can disassemble the sawhorse and take with you (just save all the hardware in transport), continue on to your next site and quickly assemble another. The SafeTHorse is cost-effective for you, while saving your customers time and money. Those who use sawhorses can depend on SafeTHorse to reduce:

Labor costs
Material costs
Time spent on one job site
The SafeTHorse is built for durability. Dovetail cuts enable each part to hold itself together, while metal braces provide additional support, not available with other sawhorses. Designed with interlock technology, the more weight placed on the equipment, the tighter and stronger it gets, withstanding up to 2000 lbs. of weight without failing.

Although disposable, the SafeTHorse will last the duration of an entire job. This design even includes a cutline for guided control, showing users where to stop.

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Weight 36 lbs