SelfPro™ 3-in-1 Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Control Bluetooth

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Looking for an easy way to take the perfect selfies? This professional, highly-rated selfie stick tripod phone holder will solve all of your picture-taking needs!

Taking selfies will be seamless with the no-fuss Bluetooth remote control, allowing you to control exactly when to capture the shot. The small remote easily pairs to your smartphone via Bluetooth and will fit discreetly in your hand so you can take a selfie without any evidence of how you captured that amazing pic.

This intelligently designed selfie stick features a customizable length so you can adjust it to your needs, stretching from 7.5 – 26.8 inches. Then, fold it up into a compact 7.5 inches (and lightweight 5 oz!) and throw it in your bag or your pocket for the ultimate convenience.

The smart technology tension spring ensures a tight fit on smartphones of all sizes, ensuring your phone is secure while you take your photos. Compatible with all iOS phones and Android 5.0 and above, you can rest assured that the selfie stick and tripod are sturdy enough to hold your smartphone steady.

Enjoy this multi-use selfie stick in its compact form, as an adjustable selfie stick with Bluetooth remote control, or as a sturdy tripod. The 360 degree rotating head allows you to take vertical and horizontal photos with a simple rotation of the angle of the tension head.

This professional, versatile, and easy-to-use selfie stick tripod is the perfect tool to help you capture the perfect shot! You’ll love its smart design, compact size, and most importantly…you’ll love your pictures!


Durable stainless steel material
Long, adjustable selfie stick can be stretched between 7.5”-26.8”
Bluetooth remote control pairs seamlessly with your smartphone and makes it easy to take a selfie
360° rotating head allows you to take vertical and horizontal photos by simply rotating the angle of the tension-spring head
Foldable tripod legs with even weight distribution for more stable photo taking and video recording
Sturdy tripod is capable of holding smartphones of all sizes
Weighs only 5 oz after folded, making it lightweight and convenient to carry in your pocket or your bag
Compatible with all iOS devices and Android 5.0 and above


Material: Stainless steel + Plastic
Color: Black / White (you will receive as assortment of colors but can not guarantee how many of each color you will receive).
Size (Length: Folded): 7.5” inches
Size (Length: Extended): 26.8” inches
Supports: Bluetooth 4.0
Compatible with: iOS; Android 5.0 and above systems


1 x Selfie stick
1 x Bluetooth controller (built-in battery)

“Love this selfie stick, and the mini Bluetooth remote is an absolute bonus. Connect it to your phone, and it will snap pictures or help record videos. A must have!” – Lindsay K, Newark, NJ

“Works perfectly for what I needed it for. Fits in purse or back pocket, so it’s very portable.” – Shana M, Detroit, MI

“Great item, well made. Even when I was taking pictures upside down (don’t ask!), the selfie stick had a super strong hold on my phone.” – Corey P, San Diego, CA

“Solid construction, and the adjustable head made it really easy for me to get all of the angles I needed for my shoot.” – Dan O, Atlanta, GA

“Perfection!! This selfie stick was exactly what I was looking for. Very sturdy and durable and I love the removable remote. Everything about this product is amazing.” – Kara T, Cincinnati, OH

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