SAPNU Tennis Trainer Rebound Ball – Solo Tennis Trainer with Elastic Cord and Non-Slip Rubber Base

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The SAPNU Tennis Trainer is the ideal practice partner for improving your tennis game! The trainer is equipped with a non-slip rubber base and no tangle elastic cord. Unlike our competitors, the trainer does NOT need to be filled with water or sand. Just remove from the compact carrying case and place in any open area and start perfecting your game. It’s that simple! By practicing with the SAPNU Tennis Trainer, you will gain better hand-eye coordination, quickness, and build endurance and stamina. This is a tennis training device suitable for single training it saves you time and you can practice your tennis strokes without the need of a net, partner, or wall as the ball will rebound back to you. This high quality solo tennis trainer will give you long hours of comfortable play. The product is used by some of the worlds best tennis players and coaches in the world.

  • [STRONG BASE TENNIS TRAINER]: This tennis trainer is a multi purpose trainer for exercise and practice to improve and enhance all your tennis skills. It has strong base and non tangling elastic cord. No requirement of a ball machine or a wall, perfect for practicing tennis anywhere as it’s non-slip rubber base is great for both indoor and outdoor practice.
  •  [HIGH QUALITY & SLEEK DESIGN]: Small and compact tennis trainer that comes in a plastic carrying case. The iron base is sturdy enough to handle the hardest forehands, but also comes equipped with a non-slip rubber band for added traction. The no tangle elastic cord means a perfect return each time for continuous practice!
  •  [SOLO TRAINING]: Practice all of your tennis strokes without the need of a net or a partner. The ball will return back to you after each stroke, improving your hand-eye coordination and quickness. With the amount of time you spend out on training it is our pleasure to make it a delightful learning experience for you!
  •  [GREAT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS]: Whether you are picking up a racquet for the first time or a seasoned player looking to take their game to next level, this trainer is perfect for all skills levels. This tennis trainer rebounder ball is ideal for all age groups: teens, adults, men and women who love to play tennis and want to learn or improve their game.
  •  [ELASTIC CORD]: Learn some new techniques, tricks, strokes and add to your skill set as a tennis player. Enjoy your practice session and execute your skills in the actual match. The elastic rope promises durability & high elasticity and a peacetime training. It will give you effective exercise especially on the forehand and a solid base for building your game.

Product Features:
– Non-slip rubber base
– Comes with two tennis balls
– Easy to Use
– No need to be filled with Sand or water
– Portable.
– Multi Purpose (can also be used as a pet ball)
Package Includes:
1 x Tennis Trainer; 2 x tennis balls with elastic cord


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