Salad Cutter Bowl, 60 Second Salad Maker Fast Fruit Vegetable

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  • Fast : Finish with only 60 seconds
  • No waste: Just one bowl SIze: 8.3×7.5×4 in
  • Clean: Cutting board free,direct making,more clean
  • Nutrition balanced: matches with a variety of foods
  • Safe: Never worried about cutting your fingers, BPA-free

Step 1: put all your ingredients into the straner bowl and wash to clean
Step 2: Close the bowl and make sure the upper cover fix well with the base
Step 3: Rotate the bowl multi-angle to slicer it,cut the ingredients again in the card slot to make them smaller
Step 4: You can enjoy your delicious salad made by yourself
It works best when the bowl is full. Perfect for s 1/2 or smaller head of lettuce. If cutting veggies you need to fill the bowl.

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