Right Gear – Easy Dry Super Absorbent Large Drying Shammy Towel (26″ x 17″)

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Incredible absorption power makes this synthetic chamois ideal for many uses. It is constructed from a thick and squishy PVA Material that makes it similar to a large, flat sponge, and ideal for all types of drying. Take it with you to the gym, swimming pool, or while camping to have a compact towel that dries your whole body quickly, and then put away without waiting for it to dry. Use on your vehicle to dry after washing, and eliminate moisture from large areas without any spots or streaks left behind. For general cleaning around the house, this absorbent towel will dry wet counters, collect moisture under a dish drainer, pull spilled liquids off your floor and so much more. It is able to soak up incredible amounts of liquid, and then hold it in without dripping, and it is safe to use on any surface type. It will leave surfaces completely dry even when the cloth is damp, so it is ideal for heavy usage, or for instances when time is limited. This quick dry Chamois comes complete with a plastic storage tube to make it convenient to take with you, simple to put away, and fool-proof to keep clean when not in use.  Comes in Blue and Yellow colors but can not guarantee how many of each you will receive.  Measures 26″ x 17″.

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