Reusable, Leak Proof Silicone Food Storage Bags with Mesh Produce Bags (13-pack)

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  • [BRAND NEW UNIQUE BUNDLE!] This multipack consists of 6 reusable food storage produce bags; 2 small 1000 ml. and 2 medium 1500 ml. silicone storage bags, 1 baggy holder and 1 reusable mesh bag, and 1 silicone scrubber, that you can use for various household and kitchen purposes.
  •  Because our stasher bags multipack reusable silicone food bags are leak proof, you’ll be able to pour liquids inside. This is great because this means! you can now store your soups in bulk , vegetables sauce, baby food and smoothie safely either in your fridge or your freezer. Stock your leftovers, juices, snacks, fruits, sandwich, or use to store food-on-the-go while going for a picnic, hiking or other outdoor activities. A sustainable small ziptop reusable bag on the go.
  • [STRONG!] If you been looking for a reusable grocery bags that are light weight and ultra ‘strong, then your search is over! That’s because our mesh bags drawstring product is easy to carry and durable which means that anyone can carry the bags without the fear of them tearing. The breathable material of the stashet reusable bags keeps your food items fresh for a long time and can be stored in the refrigerator directly from the grocery store.
  • [PARENTS ARE OBSESSED!] Unlike other brands that are impossible to use, Lymarkinc reusable vegetable produce bags are so easy to use that parents swear by them for their kids, it can also be uesd as a sous vide bags reusable.One customer Wrote “I filled it 1/3 with water and placed it upside-down for 4 hours, and the bag did not leak. She also Recommends for anyone with kids that wants them to start a Zero wastes lifestyle.

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