Reflective Climbing Rope Dog Leash and Harness Set – Assorted Colors and Sizes – Only $4.50/Set

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  • Indestructible: The sturdy, round climbing rope lead is unbreakable and chew-resistant. If mountain climbers can trust their lives to their rope, you can trust that there’s no way your dog will be able to break this leash or chew all the way through it
  • Train Your Dog to Stop Pulling: Especially when training, dogs can get confused with retractable leashes, since slackness and tightness can be inconsistent. Keep your dog close and calm in confidence, with consistent firmness afforded by the durable mountain climbing rope.
  • Zero Shock, Gentle Lead Control: The 5 foot leash keeps your dog close and the harness keeps them gently in control without resorting choking or electric shock. Become the dog whisperer you’ve always wanted to be!
  • High Visibility, No Batteries Required: Don’t you hate it when you go to put your collar or harness on your dog, to find out it was left on all night long, and now it’s dead or dim? So now you don’t have to think about that. Even on overcast days these are easily seen, and at night they’ll beam brightly in headlights. High viz colors are easy to spot and help keep track of your dog at the park, in the woods or on the street
  • Escape Proof: The harness is designed to adjust to and snugly fit a range of girths and sizes so your dog can’t work loose. It gets softer with use, without degrading in quality or strength. Treat your pet to night safety, walking and romping comfort.
  • Comes in assorted colors and sizes as pictured but can not guarantee how many of each you will receive.
Chest/Girth measurement provides most accurate sizing.
— Small size: 12.9″ – 14.5”
— Medium size: 14.5″ — 16.5”
— Large size: 17″ – 27.5″

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