RASU Dog Chew Double Suction Cup Teeth Cleaning Toy – Small/Medium Dogs

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Give your Smart Dog an innovative Fun Toy that Supports Their Oral & Physical Health.

🐕 Rasu self-playing Pet Toy promote Clean Teeth & keep your Furry Friend active by helping release pressure from dog’s molars, reducing unwanted furniture or shoes chewing behaviors.

The best Balance Of Functionality, Durability & Entertainment:

🐕 Giving your pet the oral care they need can be challenging, which is why we designed our dog food play toy to provide pet parents with a simple, convenient and entertaining way to promote cleaner teeth, physical activity, mental engagement and more for their pet.

Dog Chew Double Suction Cup Tug Toy:

🐕 To resist the pulling pressure, this puppy chew toy comes with two sturdy suction cups to securely attach to windows or wooden and tile floors. Built for heavy-duty pulling, our suction for large and small dog toy is a great chew toy for aggressive chewers.

Super Strong Rope To Even Resist The Chew Of Tiger:

🐕 A virtually indestructible rope made of the body armor material to withstand the toughest bites and tugs. Our rope stimulation toy for dogs provides hours of unsupervised play without the worry of snapping.

Innovative Pet Fun Toy Benefits:

– Relieves anxiety and stress

– Useful puppy toy for teething

– Reduces destructive chewing behavior

– Assists with boredom and anxiety separation

– Teeth cleaning chew toy for puppies and adults to remove calculus and tartar

– Interactive dog toy offers health and behavioral aid allowing for happier training and oral care

How to play:

– Clean double suction cups with a wet towel

– Add the Dog food or dog’s favorite snacks in this dog chew toy

– Put 2 suction cups on smooth and flat surface

– Squeeze out the air

– Let’s start tug of war, come on!

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