Prevent & Protect Posture Corrector Back Support – Unixex Size Small/Medium

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Whether you are relaxing on your couch or taking a stroll in the park, you can use your shoulder Posture Corrector to improve your back allignment ! Starting with 15 minutes a day your spine will start getting back in the correct position. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we cannot reverse the damages caused by years of strenuous activity without patience. If you experience a slight discomfort, don’t worry! It means the posture helper is working and it’s aligning your spine the way it should be!

  • Good for sizes – S, M – thorax area (measure under breasts/chest) 25″-43″. 
  • Prevent&Protect posture corrector is designed to SUPPORT YOUR BACK position IN ALL CONDITIONS.
  • Under chest strap is adjustable on 3 levels of height, making the entire brace fit very comfortable and keep your shoulders in the right position.
  • “Computer posture” is so stressful for your back that after a day at work you experience pain and bad tensions. Keep the pain away with Prevent&Protect brace!
  • Prevent&Protect is designed to build confidence for both women and men.


✅ doesn’t hurt the armpit
✅ Tested
✅ Soft Feel
✅ Solid Support
✅ Comfort
✅Easy Weight
✅ Good Quality Materials
✅ Long-lasting
✅ Easy to put on by yourself
✅ Fully Adjustable

For effective Treatment or Prevention of:
✅ Corrupt Posture
✅ Tensions
✅ Slouching
✅ Spine deviation
✅ Thorax Kyphosis
✅ Prevents Kyphoscoliosis
✅ Helps Collarbone Pain
✅ Osteoporosis Pain
✅ Hunchback

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