PlaySmarte Kids Microscope 100X-400X With LED Lights, Tweezers, Blank Slides Etc

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Kids Microscope will teach children to work with adults on how to analyze subjects of all matter using this basic science microscope kit.

A children’s microscope is perfect for kids and students. Kids can use this educational microscope to collect, observe, analyze specimens, and record findings on their objects.

Your child will receive educational insights from this microscope kit. It features a refined microscope with 100x, 200x and 400x magnification and a powerful LED light.

This kids microscope has everything needed to collect, label and view tiny specimens and objects. Kit includes: 1 Kid Student Microscope, 1 Tweezer, 4 blank slides, 1 prepared slide, 1 set of blank labels and 2 microscope collection vials.

Recommended ages are ages 8 and up. Requires 2 ‘AA’ batteries that are not included with product.

Product comes packaged displaying the unit. This microscope for kids is a product is made with some quality plastic parts so it’s safe for children and minimizes the risk of breaking the unit in the event of an accidental fall or drop.

Anyone will enjoy this educational microscope for kids and enjoy using it as a dissecting microscope. This is a toy microscope, but its ideally suited for examining specimen slides of cultures, plant and animal parts, bacteria, some molds and yeasts and much more.

It’s best to use the lower magnifications to fully examine objects such as rocks, insects and coins. Get started with the provided specimen slide and then have fun creating your own slides.

Includes free eBook by PlaySmarte. Please note that packaging may vary. This is a great, quality built, light weight toy microscope made for kids so the expectation that it will work exactly like a $500 built microscope is unrealistic. This description is very accurate and kids will love this!

  • PlaySmarte Kids Microscope narrows the focus on tiny objects
  • Children can use this Educational Microscope for school and homework
  • These Microscopes for Kids are perfect for beginners are also a dissecting microscope for insects and other objects and specimens
  • Durable mini microscope is an easy to use basic introduction to science microscope for kids. This educational insights Toy Microscope Kit includes everything necessary for a child to be introduced to Science and get started dissecting specimens using this microscope.
  • Microscope for children comes with 1 Tweezer, 4 Blank slides, 1 Prepared Slide, 1 set of Blank Labels and 2 collection vials. Plus, comes with e-book by PlaySmarte

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