Pirate King Board Game for 2-4 Swashbucklers

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Make your dreams come true and sail the seas as Captain of your own ship. Pirate King blends classic board game genres into one exciting adventure. As Captain of the ship, you will navigate your crew around the Caribbean to capture territories and build defenses while picking up crewmen and cannons for your ship. Along the way on your voyage, there will be great mysterious treasures that help in combat, movement, money and even curses! This is a game of economic management, property building and naval combat. Victory can be achieved through force of arms, economics or a combination of the two. Game Board (24″ x 24″) comes with 4 3-D Ships, 16 Ship Cannons, 10 Six-sided dice, Twelve-sided die, Sail Markers, 5 Great Treasure Cards, 40 Unique Crewmen Cards, Sea Chart, 5 Treasure Chests, 65 Glass Gems, and an Exclusive Pirate King Comic Book. Measures 13″ x 13″ x 7″.

  • Temple Games Inc
  • 16 Ship Cannons that Attach and Detach Directly to the Ships
  • Captain of your own ship

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