Pet Factory American Beef Hide Chip Rolls Chews For Dogs (16 Pack), Small/5″

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The tastiest and healthiest treats for your furry friend! Are you looking for a nice chew treat for your dog? Do you want to keep your pet’s teeth strong and healthy? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered! The Pet Factory Rawhide beef chew rolls are exactly what you need! Premium quality these Rawhide beef sticks for dogs are made with the finest quality ingredients and with special care, so you can rest assured that they are perfect for you dog. The chew rolls are made only with beef Rawhide from American-raised and grass-fed cattle. The beefhides are assembled in Mexico in our pristine facilities and then shipped to the USA where they are thoroughly inspected and carefully packaged. Perfect for your dog these dog treats are very nutritious and high in fiber and protein, so they can be very healthy for your furry friend. The chew sticks will also keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy and strong, as they will remove plaque and prevent tartar build-up for optimal dental and oral health. Delicious flavor The dental sticks for dogs have a natural flavor that is absolutely delicious in fact they are so good that you can give them to your dog as treats! So get yours now before we run out of stock! Just Click “ADD to cart”

  • Made from 100% certified American beef hides and crafted to perfection for maximum quality and safety without any dangerous additives
  • These dog Bones are packed with protein and fiber, so they can provide your pet with all the essential nutrients in the easiest way
  • The beefhide rolls promote dental health by removing plaque off your dog’s teeth, preventing tartar build-up and keeping its gums strong
  • These chews come in a delicious natural Flavor that your dog will absolutely love so they will be the perfect treat for your pet
  • Premium quality DOG treats that are processed in Mexico With high inspection and quality standards, Inspected and packaged in the USA


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