Party Balloon Arch Kit Balloon Garland kit, 115 Pieces

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Are you looking to create a fun, colorful balloon archway for a birthday party, graduation, or wedding event? There’s no better choice than the IRION Balloon Arch Kit that includes 110 balloons and additional hanging accessories that’s easy to put together, boasts big balloons in various sizes and colors, and makes every vent more warm, welcoming, and exciting.

Multipurpose Placement

Along with creating a traditional arch this expansive balloon kit can be used to decorate a stair railing, highlight a door or entryway, enhance an outdoor event, direct guests to congregate in an area, as a backdrop for group or couple photos, or simply create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Product Details:

  • Personal and Professional Display
  • Thick, Heavy-Duty Latex
  • Fill with Standard Air or Helium
  • Vibrant, Big, and Beautiful
  • Multiple Colors and Balloon Sizes
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

114-Piece Kit Includes:

  • 30 Light Pink Balloons (12”)
  • 30 Dark Pink Balloons (12”)
  • 30 White Balloons (12”)
  • 10 Heart-Shaped Dark Purple Balloons (12”)
  • 10 Light Purple Balloons (18”)
  • Balloon Ribbon (32’)
  • Clear Plastic Garland-Making Strip (17’)
  • 2 Tie Tools
  • 100 dot glue

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Weight 24 lbs