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Try cooking with an Egg Easy and in 3 easy steps, you will be biting into hot, perfect hard boiled eggs.
This Egg Easy cooker is perfect for cooking eggs without the shell and to skip the whole peeling process altogether.
Simply crack and pour your eggs into the Egg Easy and boil it in a pot on your stove top. When cooked to your liking, twist open the Egg Easy and there you have it, perfect hard boiled eggs.
With a bonus egg separator, preparing eggs are so simple, try out this egg cooker today and serve up perfect eggs in all of your meals without breaking a sweat.

-Hard boil eggs without the shell.
-No more messy peeling.
-You can season egg before cooking.
-Bonus egg separator
-Perfect eggs every time.

Package Contents:
6 x Egg Easy moulds
1 x Egg white separator

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Weight 10 lbs

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