Pack of 10 Tuff Magnets, Stainless Steel Refrigerator Magnets, comes with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – Only $2.50/Pack

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Tuff Magnets are Grade 8, 4100 Gauss. This means they will hold more than other 3/4″ Stainless Steel magnets. You will love using them for your Stainless Steel refrigerator, dishwasher, school, office white boards, etc. You name it, these magnets are perfect for the job.

  • Made of Ferrite. These are not Neodymium or Rare Earth magnets
  • Scratch Free – Felt Pads protect your refrigerator or whiteboard from scratches
  • Sleek and Modern – These magnets look great on any steel surface
  • Includes 6×7 inch textured microfiber cleaning cloth to easily clean fingerprints and smudges from your fridge or erase marker from your whiteboard
  • Use Anywhere – Grade 8, 4100 Gauss, 3/4 inch round magnets are easy to use at home, office, or school

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