Ozazzy ‘AIR’ Lite-Mist Cool Air and Aroma Humidifier – Mood Color Changing

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‘I Am Air’, your whisper-quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier. Peaceful by night; energized by day! I am your 5 in one wellness, health and personal care experience: Aromatherapy Diffuser, Humidifier, Air Home Purifier, Ionizer and LED Baby Mood Lamp All in One!;I am Steamy, High Frequency Cool Mist Technology…Breathe me, Soothe Me, Smell Me! I help you to release stress and re-energize. I quell coughs, breathe easier, fight off colds & flu symptoms, relieve nasal and sinus congestion especially asthma sufferers with allergies and provide moisturizing humidity to soften hair and skin. Kills 99% Bacteria, Mold and Fungus when I AM ON!;I add vivid 7 LED Nightlight Colors & Stylish Table Top Design Decor to the Bedroom, Baby’s or Infant’s Room, Children’s Nursery, Home, Office, Yoga Studio, Loft & Living Spaces. Or ‘Turn Me On’ Zen White with No Color! I have an easy On /Off LED Switch on my backside.;My Aroma Diffuser adds your favorite Aromatherapy or Essential Oil to my water base for health giving humidifying Air for 7-10 hours, no filters needed! Just add 3 drops of oil to my Water tank. My favorite is TeaTree Lavender Oil! It masks out that stale smoke or unwanted pet odor.;Now I am bragging! I save you money by helping cut heating costs! With moisture in the air, it makes the body feel warmer and the thermostat can be lowered! My ultrasonic cool mist 360 degree rotating steam nozzle puts out 2.3 gallons of wellness moisture per day and humidifies rooms up to 250 Square Feet. Just turn my adjustable knob to control how much aroma mist fills the room. 

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