OXA Do-It-Yourself Extending Back Hair Shaver

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  • Advanced Do-It-Yourself Back Shaver: this back hair shaver gives you a quick, clean and pain-free body hair removal on your back, shoulder, waist, chest without awkwardly asking other people to help. Keep the work behind the scene and always present yourself perfectly-shaven! Perfect for men and women with hairy problem.
  • Length Adjustable: Extendable up to 20.5 in., especially handy for pregnant women, elders, and people with knee diseases to shave by themselves. Also this back hair shaver is suitable for other body parts as well, such as shoulders, legs and waist.
  • 5” Safety Blade: Our patented blade design has reduced the chances of being cut to The 5 inch wide safety blade can get rid of 25% more hair in one move than old type shavers with 4” blade does, makes shaving quick and worry-free.

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