Our K9 Dog Training Clicker Kit – Includes 6 X Dog Training Clickers (Bonus Whistle Included) – Only $5.00/Set

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Our K9 Dog Training Clicker Kit – Includes 6 x Dog Training Clickers & a Basic Clicker Training for Dogs Book – The Clicker Dog Training Book Introduces you on How to Use Dog Clickers

  • 6 big button dog training clicker with wrist straps, activates with just a small amount of pressure, 56 page A6 basic clicker training for dogs manual that will help you to understand the correct way to use clickers for dog training.
  • Using a clicker for dog training is a form of positive dog training, Use the Our K9 dog training clicker kit “click and train”, – And enjoy new happy communication mode with your clicker train dog.
  • Easy to use dog training clickers, fits in the palm of your hand, – the clicker training kit can be used to train your dog for basic house-training, basic obedience, correct bad behavior, and do small tricks. Become a Clicker Trainer.
  • Easy clicking and loud sound, nice loud ‘Click’, 6 clickers , leave one clicker in your jacket, leave one clicker in your bag, leave one clicker in your pocket, leave one clicker in your fanny pac, leave one clicker in your car, wherever you need one… “Click & Train” puppy clicker . A ready made clicker training dog training system
  • Bonus Dog Whistle Included
  • You can use your dog clickers for training your dog and other pets. Imagine licker dog training, clicker cat training, clicker mouse training the list is endless.

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