Non-Slip Desktop Cell Phone Holder Stand

Non-Slip Desktop Cell Phone Holder Stand

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This cell phone stand is designed like an easel stand and holds the phone securely at an angle with a non-slip pad.

A lot of us carry our phones with us just about everywhere we go. And sure, it’s easy enough to set a phone down on top of a desk or a table, but if we’re being nitpicky, it’s so much nicer to text or watch a video when the phone’s resting on an incline. And it’s even nicer when you don’t have to set it down on top of any puddles or crumbs that were left there before you. This cell phone stand is the perfect solution.  Measures 5″ long by 2.75″ Wide and will hold just about any cell phone. Comes in assorted colors but can not guarantee how many of each color you will receive.

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Weight 9 lbs