“My Cozy Home” Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Can Opener w/ Built-in Bottle Opener

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  • HEAVY DUTY stainless steel blades stay sharp. Safely and easily opens larger, sturdier cans with a smooth movement. Durable and strong, this can opener is built to last year after year!
  • EASY turn knob makes manual operation a breeze. Doesn’t require much effort and won’t cause fatigue. Great for individuals with arthritis or other mobility issues with their hands.
  • COMFORTABLE, ergonomic handles fit any size hands. Hold and operate the can opener with comfort and ease! Feels sturdy yet doesn’t feel heavy.
  • BUILT-IN easy to use bottle opener. No need to purchase a separate bottle opener – now you can have two kitchen tools in one! Quickly and easily remove bottle caps in one swift movement.

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Weight 13 lbs