MosaicFit Exercise Gliding Disc Core Sliders, Jump Rope & 5 Resistance Bands Set

MosaicFit Exercise Gliding Disc Core Sliders, Jump Rope & 5 Resistance Bands Set

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  • CORE SLIDERS: Sculpt your abdominals and get the abs you deserve. These double sided Sliders can be used on Hardwood, Laminate, Tiled Floors, as well as Carpets, Rugs or Cloth Surfaces. The padded foam and contoured edges provide comfort and ease of use while you workout.
  • RESISTANCE LOOP BANDS: With the numerous exercises you can do, these high quality resistance bands allow you to tone your arms and legs. The bands are small, light, and portable, and can be taken to the gym, your yoga class, and outdoors to maximize your workout.
  • JUMPROPE/SPEED ROPE: Say NO to boring cardio! This jump rope allows you to tone your body while having fun. The jump rope is 100 percent adjustable and suitable for any height. It is made out of braided steel wire for quality, durability, and style.
  • WORKOUT GUIDE: MosaicFit has put together some of the most effective workouts you can accomplish with our Home Gym Workout Kit. The guide includes 5 Core Slider Workouts, 5 Resistance Loop Band Workouts, as well as instructions on how to adjust the Jump Rope.
Yellow(X-Light) 3-5 lbs (thickness 0.35 mm)
Green (Light) 10 – 12 lbs (thickness 0.5 mm)
Red (Medium) 15 – 20 lbs (thickness 0.7mm)
Blue (Heavy) 20 – 25 lbs (thickness 0.9 mm)
Black (x-Heavy) 35 – 40 lbs (thickness is 1.1 mm)JUMPROPE
Handle: 5.3 ins.
Rope: 10 feetPackage Includes

5 Resistance Bands
2 Core Sliders
1 Jump Rope
1 MosaicFit Carry bag
1 Workout Guide

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Weight 14 lbs