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CoolSnowGlobes’ Moon globe provides a 360-degree view of our celestial neighbor, a partner satellite that has fascinated humanity for ages. In fact, every month has a unique relationship to the moon. Check out these names for full moons: Autumn moon, Harvest Moon, Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Wolf Moon, Cheshire Moon, Pink Moon, and Buck Moon. With the Moon snow globe, you can hold the mystery in the palm of your hand. And remember, in our fast-paced world snow globes make treasured gifts. They give people peaceful quiet moments and cherished memories to last a lifetime. CoolSnowGlobes embraces the long history and rich traditions of water globes, adding fresh new designs for contemporary times.
– Unique snow globe design with exquisite attention to detail adds playful and timeless beauty to your home decor.
– Each water globe is individually crafted from start to finish: hand-blown glass, hand-cast and hand-painted scenes.
– Moon features a 360-degree model of our celestial neighbor and swirling silver flitter to represent the stars. Attached resin base is piano black with a matte finish.
– Glass globe has 4” diameter and fits nicely in the hand. Overall dimensions: 4.5” x 4” x 4″ (h x w x d) and weighs 2.5 pounds.
– Packaged in an attractive, cushioned gift box ready for presentation.

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