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MEDca Detangling Brush – Detangler Brushes, Pain-Free Hairbrush. If you, or your child, have long or thick hair then you already know the effort that goes into detangling. Most children hate having their hair brushed. With the New MEDca detangling brushes you can finally remove tangles and knots without the tears and tantrums! Because these pain free brushes are specially designed to glide through your hair you can finally have a detangling experience that is pain free! The problem with other hairbrushes is that you have to use all of your effort just pulling and yanking the brush through your hair that you end up ripping out tangle
  • PAIN-FREE! DETANGLE WITHOUT TEARS: If you’ve been looking for a detangling brush that guarantees no pulling and no tears, then your search is over! That’s because our pain free hairbrushes feature specially shaped bristles that are designed to glide through your hair while gently removing tangles and knots, which means that you’ll finally be able to detangle your child’s hair without any crying, screaming, or pain-induced tears and tantrums, guaranteed!
  • NO MORE YANKING AND PULLING: Don’t use all of your strength trying to yank your hairbrush through your hair! Because these detangler brushes have an ergonomically designed handle for a more comfortable grip you’ll be able to detangle your hair without having to put all of that extra force into it. This is great for you because now you’ll be able to detangle your hair with less time, less effort, and less pain all around.
  • HEALTHIER FULLER HAIR: The problem with other hairbrushes is that you have to force the brush through your hair, breaking and damaging it. Our detangler brushes solve that problem! Why? That’s because our pain free hairbrushes are carefully designed to glide gently through your hair, removing knots and tangles and leaving your hair smooth, which means that your hair will be healthier than ever before. Don’t suffer from damaged hair again!
  • DETANGLE BRUSHES! REMOVES KNOTS & TANGLES WITH EASE: Our pain free hairbrushes work wonders. This brush actually works because it offers you an easy glide, detangling comb brush solution, for very thick kinky hair. This hairbrush passes through your hair easily wet or dry giving a pleasant experience for even the most sensitive heads.
  • GREAT FOR YOU & YOUR KIDS: Everything you need in detangling brushes! Your hair care doesn’t have to be difficult, get rid of tangles and knots with comfort and ease.

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