Meat Tenderizer Kitchen Utensil – 56 Blades with Safety Lock

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100% brand new and durable, made of high-quality stainless steel blades, reduces cooking time and easy to use.

– This manual meat tenderizer helps you to cut the meat more easily
– Allows the sauce to penetrate quickly
– helps meat cook faster and evenly
– Shorten cooking time
– Perfect kitchen tool for cooking enthusiasts or professional chefs
– Easy to clean and durable to use

Operating Instructions:
1.Before using the tenderizer for the first time, it is recommended that it be cleaned thoroughly.
2.Place roast, steak, fish or other cut of meat on the cutting board. Remove cover from your meat tenderizer.
3.Gently press your meat tenderizer on the top of the steak, roast or other cut of meat. Avoid all bones. Repeat this process covering the entire piece of meat over and often as desired.
4.For thicker cuts of meat and roasts, turn the piece of meat of meat over repeat the process on the other side.
5.Clean your meat tenderizer after each use. The tenderizer can be cleaned without disassembling. Remove cover. In dishwasher or warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

1.Please place the meat on the cutting board to prevent injuring the blades.
2.Eliminate the bones or thaw frozen meat firstly before you use the item to prevent breaking the blades.
3.Please do not put your hands under the meat tenderizer to prevent any hurt. Besides, keep it away from children.
4.Please clean it after using it and dry vapors.

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