Manual Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder with Silicone Grip

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  • ★★ Added NEW SILICONE GRIP so it never slip ★★ SMOOTH, STRONG, CONSISTENT : These words are what we all seek in a cup of coffee. Our coffee bean grinder will get you the precise, consistent grind you need with it’s rust free conical ceramic burr.
  • ✔ REMARKABLE DETAIL. Ceramic burrs provide a long wear life, consistent grind coarseness and near infinite adjustment. Grind from ESPRESSO to FRENCH PRESS with the same grinder!
  • ✔ PORTABLE. The ICE COALS Travel Manual Coffee Grinder is specifically designed to fit into an Aeropress and making it easy to take with you while hiking, camping or on vacation. This coffee grinder is so compact it will take up minimal space in your backpack. PLUS We are also providing a FREE Travel POUCH so you can easily carry your loving coffee grinder.
  • ✔ EASIEST ADJUSTABLE GRIND SIZE OF ANY GRINDER – The easy to access turn knob allows you to adjust the grind size in under 3 seconds!

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