Manners Made Easy – Polite PigPals Bathroom Buddy

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Polite PigPals are talking pigs who help teach kids manners with funny, positive sayings. Parents want their kids to learn manners but it takes lots of repetition and we can’t be everywhere at once. Put Polite PigPals in your home and they will catch your kids being good and reward them with funny sayings. Want your kids to put their toys away? Clip Polite PigPals CleanUp Crew on their toybox and when a toy drops in the box it cheers them on with sayings like “Toss it in to win! Great job my friend!” Polite PigPals new Bathroom Buddy thanks kids for flushing and cleverly reminds them to wash their hands. You’ll catch them giggling as they wash! Nine rotating messages keep their attention. If coats and backpacks land on your floor rather than a hook, let Polite PigPals HangUp Helpers help out! When your kids hang their things up, Max and Emmie thank them for keeping things tidy. Nine funny sayings make kids giggle. More fun, less nagging!

  • Polite PigPals Bathroom Buddy thanks kids for flushing and cleverly remind them to wash their hands You’ll catch them giggling as they wash
  • Great for toilet training they hear praise when they flush and a reminder to wash their hands
  • Great for kids of all ages More fun less nagging
  • No installation simply set on top of toilet tank
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries not included

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Weight 12 lbs

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