Magic Egg Baby – Grows Grass by just adding Water

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Special design for children!
Let the little ones experience the responsibility and joy of watering a Magic plant Baby Egg. They will delight in being able to help grow a unique plant with green fresh grass. Comes 12 assorted style per retail counter display. Each egg measures approximately 3 inches tall pre-grown.
Fun for the whole family!

Just imagine:
1) The Baby Egg absorbs the water.
2) The grass will grow up from the top of the Baby Egg.
3) You can make you own design after the wheatgrass grows

1) Remove plastic lid. The Baby Egg is secured to the plastic base.
2) Slowly pour water into the plastic base until full 80%.
3) After water is absorbed into the egg, water again.
4) The seed will germinate in approximately 3-5 days.
5) Seedlings will be long, use your creativity to shape and trim.

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