M-VECTOR Mandoline Slicer for fruits and vegetables, with 6 Adjustable Quality Stainless Steel Blades

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This mandoline slicer will help you save time and effort to perfectly cut, chop, grate, or julienne your fruits and vegetables.
– Be your own chef in your kitchen cooking fast and effortlessly and having fun at the same time. 
– Whether you’re passionate by sports and fitness, or you’re on diet, or you simply enjoy a healthy lifestyle, this mandoline slicer from M-VECTOR is perfect for you: Created by professionals, it is made of Durable ABS Plastic, and has 6 intechangable stainess steel blades, having also a safety hand holder that securely grips the veggies to protect your fingers from accidental cuts. 
– The set is super easy to clean, either manually or using the dish-washer and includes simple step-by-step instructions. It saves you time and space, being the perfect tool for quick cooking during trips. .
–  FORGET THE NEED OF USING BIG COOKING MACHINES AND BLENDERS that require time for fitting the parts, and for disassembling them after use, then sorting them for washing- NOW YOU’VE GOT OUR M-VECTOR SLICER: THIS INNOVATIVE CUTTING DEVICE which will help you prepare your dream beautiful stylish meals thanks to its six adjustable blades that cut in different sizes depending on your recipes: you are sure to impress your family and friends with your inspired healthy salads, cut in different forms and styles: slices, Spaghetti Shaped veggies, noodles, cube, waffle form, finely minced etc. 
– Surprise your family and loved ones with this perfect gift for moms, dads, friends & family members, cooks and health-conscious people, making their life in the kitchen fun and convenient. 


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