Luxury Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs Light Blocking Eye Mask for Sleeping Deeper

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Luxury Sleep Mask is designed for the deepest possible sleep. The lightweight eye mask features luxury nylon on the outside, and luxurious memory foam eye cavities on the inside. The cavities measure ⅝” deep so as not to smudge makeup during daytime napping, and allow for the eyes to open completely under the mask. For the perfect fit, our mask also features an adjustable velcro strap that allows the mask to expand from 16” to 23” in circumference. Whether you use it for travel, meditation, or daytime napping, our mask allows your body to feel rejuvenated when you wake.

Deep sleep improves your productivity and decision making processes during the day. Since even small amounts of light can disrupt your sleep, this mask provides pure darkness to help your body increase the production of melatonin–a natural, sleep inducing hormone.  Start your day off right by guaranteeing a deep, restful night of sleep!

  • PERFECT FIT: Deep cavities won’t smudge makeup, contoured design & adjustable strap for comfort
  • ULTIMATE RELAXATION: Use for traveling, meditation, shift work, daytime napping, and as insomnia aid
  • BLOCK LIGHT, SLEEP DEEP: Pure darkness produces sleep inducing hormone melatonin for your best rest
  • EAR PLUGS: Comes with a pair of High Quality Ear Plugs for the Best Sleep You’ve Ever Had

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