Long Paws Comfort Collection Lead Padded Rope – 44″ Orange

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The rope lead is made for outdoor active pets and their owners. The leads have a locking clip which is easy to attach to the collar or harness and keeps your dog safely attached. The rope lead handles have been lined with soft neoprene, which prevents rope burn from tugging dogs, and makes them more comfortable to hold whether you’re walking or jogging. The new Long Paws Comfort Collection has been made with the active pet in mind. The range has been manufactured to the highest safety standards and combines quality and comfort in a new and unique package.

  • Woven rope lead
  • Padded handle prevents rope burn and adds comfort
  • Locking clip to prevent accidental run-aways
  • Swivel action to avoid leash twisting
  • Small amount of spring in the rope to reduce shocks from pulling dogs.

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Weight 8 lbs