LipoBelt Just Abs Kit – Fat Freezing Lipo Cryo Technology Belt (Size S/M)

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Cryo Technology designed specifically to firm, tone, and smooth the abdomen. Easily tightens to provide uniform compression, and increase the magnitude of cooling. Stretches and hugs the body for ultra comfort, with a specially woven fabric barrier to protect skin from frostbite or cold burns, absorb moisture from condensation, and allow maximum cold penetration.

For use on: Midsection/Flanks, Hips, Back


1 LipoAb belt (Size Small/Medium)
2 small sliding modules
2 small LipoPacks
1 large LipoPack
Use at home during your down time while relaxing, not meant to be used with exercise
Delivers advanced spot contouring directly at stubborn muffin tops, back fat, belly flab, and cellulite
Triggers the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response to reduce “puffiness”, and to increase localized metabolism and circulation
Excellent for use after workouts to improve recovery and results
Reduces pain and swelling, as well as aids in smoothing lumps and ridges after liposuction surgery

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