Lint Remover-Pet Hair Remover Brush by Step Per Step

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Step Per Step Pet Fur & Lint remover will eliminate all of the Pet Hair from all of the different surfaces without damaging them.

How To Use It: No rocket science, just microfiber textile that will create an electrostatic reaction- which is totally safe – EVEN your kid can use it. Thanks to it double sided it will feel like to have not 1 but 2 brushes in 1 hand. Once both sides are full you can clean them by simply dipping the brush a few times in the cleaning base and Wuala! ready to used again. will save you Time and Money and you will help the environment by making less waste.

What You Get: 2 microfiber brushes that will solve your problem. one to keep at home for the whole family and one for you to have in your bag or car

Package Includes: Normal and travel size and self-cleaning base, extra instructions.

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Weight 35 lbs