Linden Sweden Silicone Spatula with Stainless Steel Handle – Versatile and Heat-Resistant, -BPA-Free – Dishwasher-Safe, 10-Inch

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Mix, scoop and scrape thick batters and dough! The flexible heavy-duty silicone head won’t crack, burn, melt, or stain. The head is also heat-resistant to 450 Degree F without absorbing flavors or odors and you can even use it in non-stick cookware! Dimensions: 10″ x 2″.

  • Increased Efficiency: Perfect for all your mixing, scooping and scraping tasks especially doughs and thick batters. Turn or stir with ease with our lightweight spatulas. Hassle-free cleaning that’s why we made sure ours are safe in the dishwasher!
  • Cooking Essentials: Use for waffles, flipping eggs, pancakes, fold fruits into the batter, icing cakes, and cupcakes. Our flexible silicone heads are scratch-resistant yet sturdy and will not scratch your expensive cookware.
  • Convenient Versatility: Whether you’re a chef or a foodie, we have a spatula for every job! Heat resistant up to 225°C (450°F), they’re durable and will not crack, discolor, melt or absorb flavors. BPA Free, non-toxic safe to use with any type of food.
  • Professional Quality: Designed by chefs for superior performance, they’re scratch resistant yet sturdy. Made with premium durable flexible silicone and a stainless-steel handle, they provide reliable strength and versatility.

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