Linden Sweden Reusable Plastic Bottle Caps, Set of 10 – Save Beverages – Only $2.00/Pack

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Finally, reusable Bottle Caps to salvage your drinks. When you’re drinking the good stuff, you want to savor it and just because you can’t drink an entire bottle, doesn’t mean the remainder should go to waste. Grab a Jonas Bottle Cap from this pack of ten and your problem is solved. Assorted colors. Set of 10.

  • Bottle Top Beverage Savers: Whether you’re storing leftovers or sealing homebrewed beer, our bottle lids create a tight seal! Not only does this preserve soda and other drinks, but it also prevents spillage, making liquids safe for travel.
  • Color-Coded Convenience: Each purchase includes 10 reusable bottle caps in assorted colors! Great for easy organization, you’ll be able to differentiate between oils, vinegar, beverages, condiments and other liquids at just a glance.
  • Reduce Waste: Reusable and recyclable, these bottle seals are easy on the environment as well as on your wallet! For added convenience, they’re also safe in the dishwasher for a cleanup that’s quick, easy and hassle-free.
  • Made in Sweden: Thanks to a premium plastic that’s incredibly durable, you’re able to use our water bottle caps again and again! Food-safe and BPA-free, you don’t have to worry about chemicals leeching into your beverages.

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