Linden Sweden Flat Nylon Whisk – Unique Angled Head Design for Superior Performance

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A slightly curved handle on the Jonas Nylon Flat Whisk allows the handle to rest comfortably in your hand. The flexible whisk head is covered in, heat resistant nylon coils of non-abrasive polypropylene plastic & stainless steal making it safe for use with nonstick cooking surfaces. Easy to clean. The nylon whisk is heat resistant up to 220°C/428°F. Measures 10¼ Inch long.

  • Increased efficiency: perfect for all your whisking tasks especially chili, stews and sauces, our angled head ensures constant contact to ensure even mixing while preventing scorching. Perfect cooking utensil to extend the life of your kitchen cookware.
  • Convenient versatility: Whether you’re a chef or a foodie, we have a hand whisk for every job! Heat resistant up to 220°c (428°f), they’re durable and will not warp, Discolor, melt or chip. Bpa free, non-toxic safe to use with any type of food.
  • Hassle-free cleaning: with their intricate designs, cleaning whisk utensils by hand can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why we made sure ours are safe in the dishwasher! They get a thorough, reliable clean with no risk of the coils losing shape.
  • Professional quality: designed by chefs for superior performance, they’re scratch resistant yet sturdy. Made in Sweden with premium nylon coils of non-abrasive polypropylene plastic, They provide reliable strength and versatility.

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