Kitchen 5-Piece Silicone Set – Silicone Spoon Rest, Trivet, Oven Mitts & Rice Paddle – Only $4.00/Set

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This attractive set of 5 which includes a spoon rest for kitchen counter, rice paddle, trivet and oven mitts will complement any style. Why buy a ceramic kitchen spoon rest that can crack or break? This silicone spoon holder for stove top won’t. The kitchen spoon holder will prevent mess by holding a number of cooking utensils. When your kitchen counter needs heat protection, the silicone trivet is the tool to use. The strong and durable rice paddle has a comfortable handle. The rice paddle makes it easy to scrape coated cookware and pans without scratching. The oven mitts are great for serving but are not suitable for holding hot dishes for a long period. Use the silicone trivet under pet bowls as a non slip mat, to help you open jars or as a plant coaster. The expertly crafted spoon holder and set are made from food grade silicone, eco friendly, non stick, non toxic. Durable and heat resistant silicone to 440F. Easy to clean and will dry quickly if you give them a quick shake.

  • Unique set – spoon rest for kitchen and trivet, rice paddle and oven mitts. You will not buy this in a store! After trialing in our Australian kitchen, we chose a functional set including a spoon rest for kitchen counter. The spoon holder will be loved by all. Lightweight but strong blue silicone kitchen set containing a spoon rest! You can drop them, fold them, stack inside each other or hang them. Made of food grade silicone, eco friendly, non stick, non toxic, heat resistant silicone to 440F
  • Why damage your countertop or kitchen table when you can use a spoon rest for kitchen counter or trivet? The attractive blue silicone trivet 8 inches in diameter, matches the silicone spoon rest rice paddle and oven mitts. It has multiple uses around your home. The silicone oven mitts help you move items to and from the stove or oven quickly, not suitable to hold hot items for long periods of time Size 3.55×4.35×3.15 inches. Use the spoon rest as a utensil rest or spoon rest for kitchen counter
  • Spoon Rest – Want a unique spoon holder for stovetop? Unlike other floppy, light silicone spoon rests or utensil rest with small slots, our silicone spoon rest ensures you can place your largest ladle and kitchen utensils on it to avoid mess. The large heat resistant utensil rest has a sturdy base. The spoon rest for kitchen counter will make help protect your countertop. This spoon rest for stove top will help make cooking easier. Size 9.85×4.15×1.75 inches
  • Useful gift – The spoon holder for stovetop with matching set, makes a great gift for all occasions. The spoon rest for kitchen counter will look great in any kitchen and is so useful as a utensil rest. They can place the spoon rest for stove top anywhere in their kitchen and trust that the silicone spoon rest will catch drips and mess. They will have fun cooking with the trivet, rice paddle and oven mitts that match the utensil rest spoon holder. The spoon holder for stove top will be a winner
  • Finally, a kitchen spoon that doesn’t scratch! The fabulous rice paddle, size 8.8×2.7 inches, stirs and scrapes without scratching the non-stick coating of your pots and pans. The rice paddle is also ideal for cooking eggs, cakes or other recipes. It fits perfectly into the spoon rest for stove top. We made the rice paddle a shade lighter to make it easier to distinguish from the spoon rest. It is a great addition to the spoon holder for stove top. 

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