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Kid’s love knowing where they belong and having a place that is just their own. My spot is the fun way to help kids know just where they should be. My spot is a fun, comfortable sitting ‘spot’ that can be placed on most seating surfaces to show a child where to sit – which spot is theirs. My spot consistently provides children with their own space, a well-defined spot that is just for them, no matter where they go. The ease of having a my spot around helps parents, caregivers and children conquer what can be a difficult task for a small child – sitting still parent’s especially love my spots as a convenient time out spot and as a great tool to stop the arguing over whose sitting where.

  • The fun visual cue for kids to know where to sit- that extra help kids need to understand sitting and staying in one spot
  • Portable and comfortable
  • Perfect for time-outs, meal times, group settings, and anytime when sitting or waiting in one spot is necessary
  • Especially helpful for children who respond well to extra visual and tactile cues
  • Convenient carrying/hanging handle and nameplate for personalizing
  • Comes in assorted colors as pictured and each color features a different animal

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