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BabySteps Healthy Snack Feeder provides a safe snacking option that’s perfect for introducing new, age appropriate foods to infants. The safe, polyester netted bag helps keep large pieces of food out of baby’s mouth, preventing a choking hazard. This kit features a freezer tray with compartments perfectly portioned to make frozen treats that can be slipped directly into the netted bag. The cold surface on these treats is great for teething! To use, simply insert food or frozen treat into the netted bag and place the rubber ring in the hinged handle, securing it with the two side locking tabs. This kit contains 1 feeder, 3 bags, 1 freezer tray with lid.

– Helps prevent choking hazard
– Allows babies to experience foods they otherwise would not have
– Freezer tray portions are perfectly sized to fit into netted bag
– Reusable polyester netted bag
– Dishwasher safe

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