Jungle Jim Ultra Bright Collapsible LED Camping Lantern

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Light up the great outdoors with Jungle Jim’s portable LED lantern. It features 360° of high-intensity light to brighten up everything in its perimeter. The LED bulbs demand little energy from the batteries, and that allows you to keep the lantern on for up to 12 consecutive hours. Military Grade Materials Our portable and collapsible lantern offers you convenience to be able to carry with you everywhere and use it anytime. It takes up little space for storage, making it a dependable source for lighting during emergencies such as a power outage.  This lantern is made of tough military grade lightweight materials so it can handle outdoor adventures. The metal fold away handles allow you to carry the lantern with ease, or suspend it above to brighten up your tent, RV, or camp area. It also functions perfectly as table top lighting. Features: Uses white-light emitting diodes emitting high intensity white light. 360 degree light emitting design 30 low-current consuming, yet bright and durable LEDs designed to save battery life and prolong usage up to 12 Hours of continuous operation (Depends on mAh rating of battery used. Brightness will diminish over time) Money Back Guarantee if not 100% Satisfied. Specifications: Lumen: 120LM Product Weight: 9.14 oz Battery: 3 AA 1.5 V batteries 4.9″ X 3.46″ (When fully collapsed and handles placed on either sides) 7.3″ X 3.46″ (Fully stretched and handles placed on either sides) 10″ X 3.46″ (Fully stretched and handles in upright position) Package Includes 1 – Jungle Jim Super Bright Collapsible LED Camping Lantern.  Batteries are not included.

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