Intex Sea Buddy Inflatable Flotation Armbands – 1 Pair

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Intex Sea Buddy Arm Bands are playful and colorful animated characters that are designed to fit snugly on both arms. They can be used to help keep a child afloat in the water. These children’s armbands keep kids safe while encouraging imaginative adventures. They are suitable for a day at the lake or in the pool.
Inflatable Dolphin Arm Bands:

  • Aquatic creatures can be brought along easily on trips and excursions
  • Playful and colorful animated characters are designed to fit on both arms
  • Inflatable armbands help keep children afloat in the water
  • Suitable for a lake or pool
  • For Ages 3-6 years
  • Approximate Deflated Size 7.5″ x 7.5″

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