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  • Smart Interactive Cat Toys – Simulate the activity of mouse, comes with feathers and ribbon. This cat toy will 360 degrees rotating, forward, backward, shake, making sound automatically. When bumping to the obstacle, it can react in another direction. Your cat will be attracted by its irregular movements, then chase, jump, catch hunt, pounce for happy exercise.
  • 2 Modes Speed Adjustment – The kitten toy has two-speed adjustment and steers irregularly at randomly changing direction when encountering obstacles, and is widely used for quietly active cats of all ages. Provides safe indoor mouse prey, just like real wild animals, stimulating your cat’s hunting instinct.
  • Work Regardless of Terrain – Built-in strong magnetic motor, so that the automatic cat toy in any place powerful rolling. The cat toys material is silicone and ABS material with rounded edges for safety, high toughness and high tensile strength low noise, higher playability.
  • USB rechargeable – The electric cat toy has a built-in 500MAH USB high-capacity rechargeable battery, which can be charged for 1.5 hours to play for 2 hours and will automatically shut off every 15 minutes of start-up, then with this cycle repeatedly. No more hassle of repeatedly switching the toy on and off. Keeping cats’ interest and their exercise, turn exercise into a fun activity.
  • Best cat toys for indoor cats – If you don’t have time to take care of a cat every day, it is best to buy cat toys that can keep your cat entertained for hours. This way, even when you’re gone, whether at work or on a trip, you know that your cat won’t be bored. It can reduce anxiety in pets as well as even stave off depression. 

Will your Cat be a bored, lazy, fat cat? or a Healthy, lovely, lively, owner-loved Cat?

  • If you don’t have time to take care of a cat every day, it is best to buy toys that can keep your cat entertained for hours. Automatic cat toys come in laser and feather, which means cats of all ages can enjoy them. This way, even when you’re gone, whether at work or on a trip, you know that your cat won’t be bored. Much like for us humans, exercise is good for the cat’s physical health, but also their mental health as well. It can reduce anxiety in pets as well as even stave off depression.
  • Try out a funny toy RIOFLY interactive cat toy. Imagine that your cat’s yearning eye when you put this robotic cat toy in front of his face. You can’t wait to see your cat chasing and play fun with it.
  • Playtime with your cat isn’t only fun for the both of you—it’s also an important aspect of your cat’s healthy development and making sure he or she is active and entertained. This is especially important if you have an indoor-only or solo cat who doesn’t get as much stimulation.
  • Different cat toys do different things, but one thing they all have in common is that they keep your cat’s senses sharp and help them maintain a healthy weight (especially if the toy encourages a lot of jumping and pouncing). Interactive cat toys also help you form a bond with your kitty.
  • As most people who live with their cats have discovered, cats either go crazy for a cat toy or couldn’t care less. But interactive cat toys, those that respond in some way when played with, can get even the laziest kitty moving for a more active and healthy lifestyle. Once you find the sweet spot, cats will enjoy regular sessions that will keep their reflexes and mind sharp while also helping obese cats burn a few extra calories.
  • Interactive cat toys are particularly valuable in households with just one cat. While cats are not socially obligate like our dogs, they most definitely enjoy social interactions with social partners. Interactive cat toys help strengthen the human-cat bond and can also help relieve stress for a cat that is experiencing stress in its environment


The best RIOFLY interactive cat toys for indoor cats allow them to engage in their natural hunting behaviors—simulated of course. These include toys that allow for the stalk-chase-pounce-catch and shake hunting sequence. Chasing may be a cat’s favorite natural activity—after a sleep of course. The RIOFLY Automatic Cat Toy features a hanging feather and laser pointers combined that swivel, turn, and rotate, so the cat toy will move in unpredictable ways, keeps your cat guessing and engaged that delightfully trigger your cat’s instincts including stalking, chasing, and pouncing.

  • Physical and Mental Stimulation

RIOFLY Interactive cat toys get your kitty moving while also being unpredictable. Enticing them to jump, pounce, roll, and the bat will provide mild aerobic exercise that they might have obtained while they were hunting for prey in the wild. But it also provides mental challenge and excitement that will keep them from boredom and the potentially negative behaviors that accompany it. The right interactive toys can help your cat still feel like a kitten long into their later years, keeping their mood light, healthy, and happy.

  • Your Cat Doesn’t Have To Be Bored While You’re Away

The RIOFLY cat toy will run for 15 minutes, then auto turns off, allowing you to adjust play to match your cat’s mood and activity level while also keeping it fresh. The built-in rechargeable battery will recharge via USB in less than 1.5 hour and should last up to 2 hours. You may notice this same toy or a very similar toy sold under multiple brand names, but the RIOFLY brand has the highest ratings of the bunch.

  • Materials and Safety

Your cat will likely bite, chew, kick, and lick their toys, so you want to be sure they’re made durably from materials that are safe and non-toxic. The shell of the RIOFLY interactive cat toy is made of high-impact ABS material, which has high toughness and tensile strength, so it is very durable and can protect pets from harm, and have passed CE, FDA, ROHS certifications and comply with American safety standards.

Why Choose RIOLFY Cat Toys Kitten Toys?

  • RIOFLY 2 in 1 Laser and Feather Toys set to meet all your cats’ need.
  • Made from ABS materials, very durable and safe for your cats.
  • Attractive and funny design will catch your cats eyes,keep your cats busy.
  • Get close to your cats by teasing them and playing together.
  • Provides your cats endless fun when you are away.
  • Engages Cat’s instincts and Self-Amusement .


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