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  • Attract cats in Multi-directional: The cat toy built-in red dot laser, along with the irregular movement of the cat ball toy, attracts the cat’s attention, and the external feather bell pendant stimulates the fun of the cat chasing. At the same time, the interactive cat toy comes with 3 feathers and 1 butterfly accessory, as well as two accessory rods, you can change the accessories for the cat laser toy at any time.
  • Cat’s new friend: The exterior design of the laser cat toy is matched with realistic meowing sounds so that the cat feels the call of its companions. The interactive cat toy is equipped with color gradient LED lights and irregular motion trajectory, which can catch the cat’s interest and is not easy to get stuck. The shell of the interactive cat toy with feather is made of high-strength ABS material, so you don’t have to worry about the collision being broken.
  • Smart companionship: The interactive cat toy built-in smart chip automatically sleeps after running for a while and wakes up automatically after receiving sound and touch, even if the owner is not at home, you can accompany the cat. The cat laser toy’s inside is equipped with a large-capacity battery of 800mAh so that the company of interactive cat toys can last longer.
  • Intimate customization: The new automatic cat toy increases the moving speed fast and slow, which is suitable for cats with different personalities and will not scare timid cats because the moving speed is too fast. On short-pile rugs and less-flat surfaces, the fast mode will perform better in terms of moving. The cat laser toy is close to the cat’s habits from different aspects.
  • The best gift for cats: Cat laser toys combines a variety of elements that cats like to accompany the cat to spend the boring time when the owner is busy. In intelligent operation mode, the cat ball toy interacts with the cat like a partner. Such a fun and thoughtful interactive cat toy gift, how could your cat not like it?

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