Human Motion Sensor CFL Light Bulb with Adjustable Timer

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Human motion sensor CFL light bulb receives the infrared ray emitted by the human body. The service load will be started up when some body moves about in the detecting area. The service load will keep working when he still moves about in that area. This innovative, patented light bulb includes the energy-saving VLK Sensor Lamp. Features a low energy consumption, high efficiency and long life with outstanding versatility for a range of applications. The VLK Sensor Lamp is designed to work by a sensor that goes on when motion is detected. It saves 80% energy, produces less heat and lasts eight times longer than incandescent lamps. It’s ideal for restrooms, warehouses, parking lots, stairways, walk-in closets and more.

Adjustable Timer
1,030 Lumens
20 Watts
8,000 Hours
6,000 K

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Weight 8 lbs