Homestead Textiles Pima Cotton 30″ x 56″ Bath Towel Cherry Blossom – Item #35101

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Homestead Textiles Growers Collection 100-Percent Zero-Twist Pima Cotton Towel

Homestead Textiles Growers Collection PimaZero-Twist Cotton Ultra Soft towel is considered the most superior quality towels on the market, Homestead Textiles Pimazero-twist cotton heavyweight towels are at the pinnacle of comfort and luxury. Pimacotton is woven from (ELS) X-Long Staple cotton that is remarkably soft and smooth yet up to 50-percent stronger and more durable than other cotton varieties. Because of its fineness; more fibers can be spun into a yarn of a given count, creating a very thick, dense, durable and absorbent fabric that becomes softer after each wash. Homestead Textiles’s Cooperative of American Cotton Farmers has constructed the Grower’s Collection 4-piece towel set from hand selected, 100-percent U.S. grown cotton that has been woven into super soft Pimacotton loops using Zero-Twist technology. The benefit to you is these zero-twist towels allow the cotton fiber to remain hollow, making the towels softer, more absorbent, more durable and less prone to shrinking or pilling. They also retain color better, even after repeated washings. A functional and decorative Fold-Over edge is added to finish off an already perfect towel.  Machine wash warm, tumble-dry low.

  • Constructed from hand selected, 100-percent U.S. grown cotton that has been woven into super soft Pima cotton loops using Zero-Twist technology
  • Exceptionally heavyweight and more absorbent; Less prone to shrinking or pilling and they retain color better, even after repeated washings
  • Featuring Pima Cotton; Machine wash warm; Tumble dry low

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