Holiday Traditions “The Funny Easter Bunny” Kids Book and Plush Toy Set

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The funny Easter bunny is an Easter tradition that is ten days of pure fun ten days before Easter, the funny Easter bunny will greet you and you will need to give your bunny a name. The bunny watches over you to make sure you behave. If you behave, the bunny will take one egg from the basket and “hide” it every night until Easter morning. On Easter morning, you will receive a special card in your basket with just one hint written on it. It will either say “inside” or “outside” telling you where your Easter egg hunt will be held. Can you guess what it will be? This holiday tradition is bound to be fun for everyone and the book explains exactly how this tradition works in a kid friendly, poetic way.

  • Promotes good behavior, reading, counting and bonding as a family
  • Easter book and plush toy set
  • Easter is made more fun with this family tradition
  • Includes: “The funny Easter Bunny” Hardcover Book, 7″ tall Plush Easter Bunny & 2 cards (saying “Inside” and “Outside”)


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